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Papaya Citrus Jam

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Papaya Citrus Jam

The Earth Reserve's homemade Papaya Citrus Jam is an enchanting medley of papayas that grow wild in the coffee estates of Coorg, and oranges. The wild growing papayas are not sprayed with pesticides or other chemical sprays.

The jam, with its vibrant orange hue, captures the off-beat flavour of sweet papayas, and the tangy kick of orange and its bittersweet rind.

This jam can be used as a topping or filling, in baking and in desserts.

Serving Suggestion

1. Filling

Makes a perfect filling for crepes, muffins, cup cakes, tarts and desserts!

2. With Desserts

Use it in a sundae or swirl it into your ice cream to lend that tangy sweet flavour and the yellow colour of the papayas!

3. In Baking

Fill a layer cake, top a cheesecake, fill pastries, muffins and cupcakes. Or bake it into the cake, cookies or muffins by mixing it into the batter to bring out the flavour.

4. Topping

This jam, which looks and tastes good, is ideal to top off cheesecakes, cakes, waffles, pancakes or the conventional bread or toast. Top off a parfait with this all natural jam made of real fruit!

5. Healthy option

Use this sweet and tangy jam instead of refined sugar in your cereal, oatmeal, porridge or bowl of cornflakes during breakfast or tea time. Or enhance the flavour of plain yogurt by stirring in this jam made of real fruits!

6. Add flavour & sweetness

Create a finishing touch by adding this real fruit jam that would lend its sweetness and flavour to dips, glazes and sauces.

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