A traditional crispy snack or a rice accompaniment... the choice is yours with this organic Jack fruit papad!

Homemade, synthetic chemicals free papads have been a part of Indian food for generations, and an intrinsic part of everyday meals with rice. Jack fruit papad is a unique and delectable variant usually made in Karnataka.

Though native to South India, the whole country has grown to appreciate and enjoy the giant fruit packed with nutrients! Rich in antioxidants and minerals, and high in fibre, we need to use more of this fruit for consumption! This synthetic chemicals and preservative free Jackfruit Papad is made in the organic farms of North Karnataka, and is certified organic by USDA (United States Department of Agriculture), India Organic and Indocert.
How it's made.
This synthetic preservatives free papad is minimally processed. The organic Jackfruit from the farms is gathered by the farmers. It is then boiled, mashed and pressed before being sun dried or oven baked. A pinch of bird's eye chilli powder is added for a touch of flavour.
Method of preparation
Fry in hot oil, or choose the oil less version of simply popping it in the microwave for about 30 seconds (the time could try depending on the type and power of the microwave used). It could be kept over a low flame, this will have a slight burnt flavour as well.
Serving Suggestions
This papad can be enjoyed as a snack, just plain, or with a dip, or with toppings like chopped carrots,onions or chutney.
It also makes an excellent accompaniment for all varieties of rice and biryani.
Interesting fact: Jack fruit is the largest tree fruit in the world!
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