About Us


The Earth Reserve is a project committed to Nature: enhancing it, sharing it and treasuring it!

At The Earth Reserve, we work enthusiastically to find a solution to one of the biggest problems we face today – Products containing various synthetic chemical additives.

The Earth Reserve is a premium collection of artisanal, homemade and handmade products that are all natural, traditionally inspired and wholesome. The entire homemade foods and organic spices collection is free of artificial colours, artificial flavours, artificial fragrances, synthetic preservatives and flavour enhancers. Free of chemical additives.

The handcrafted bath and body range is luxuriously natural, being completely free of SLS, parabens, silicones and other harsh synthetics that negatively impact the environment and the human body. Everything from shampoos to lotions is packaged in glass, and is shipped without plastic bubble wrap in an effort to reduce the burden on the environment, to the extent possible.

The Earth Reserve collection will always strive to maintain its natural purity and goodness which is inspired by traditional recipes and which uses local ingredients, making it truly rare!

Made by experienced and expert homemakers and artisans, the Earth Reserve collection is graced with a passion for creating unique masterpieces, as well as care for the environment and the human person.

In homage to the Earth which sustains us all, our products are created in a ‘natural space’, employing sustainable practices.

The Earth Reserve collection at this point includes a variety of natural fruit preserves, natural pickles, healthy snacks, organic spices and a bath & body collection. We are working towards expanding the collection for you, to include more traditionally prepared wholesome homemade and handmade products inspired by Nature, its people and culture. It combines people, culture and knowledge in unusual ways to bring you goodness, health, beauty and inspiration in our products.