Our Philosophy

The Earth Reserve does not believe in adding chemical additives to lengthen the shelf life of the product, enhance its taste, make it look a certain colour or to impart a certain flavor. Each batch of our collection is carefully crafted in a home or artisan environment. Our homemakers and artisans make each batch with the passion they have for their craft, and the skills they have acquired over time. Everything is processed naturally to ensure that you get a product free of any chemical additives. We believe that the flavor, colour, taste and all other aspects of a product should be natural in every way, which is why we do not add preservatives, flavor enhancers, artificial colours or flavours.
We strive to bring you products just as Nature intended.
The Earth Reserve strives to create a space where one can indulge in Nature’s goodness, while encouraging sustainable practices, and supporting homemakers, farmers and local artisans. 
Taking care of the earth we live in is our responsibility, and at The Earth Reserve we take this seriously.
'Plastic pollution' has become a grave concern. It has adversely affected the soil, waterways, wildlife, its habitats and us all. For this reason, to the extent possible, we strive avoid the use of plastic in our packaging. To ship our products in glass bottles, we use discarded carton boxes and shredded paper.
Pesticides and fertilizers pose a threat not just to the health and safety of people, but to that of wildlife and its habitats as well. The Earth Reserve encourages sustainable practices that avoid the use of such chemicals, and supports farmers who painstakingly and with utmost care engage in farming using sustainable methods.
In everything we do, we strive to do it in a way that would have the least negative impact on the environment. Let us all join together in this effort to ease the burden on the earth and its inhabitants.