Our Story


Our story goes back many many years, a century back to be exact.

A young agriculturist fell in love with the emerald hues of a vast estate in the middle of the Dubare forest.

This love brought the Ramapuram family, rooted in a placid village in Kerala, to Chikkanahalli Estate in Coorg which they purchased from the British in 1926.
They industriously planted the fertile 300 acres with coffee bushes filling the air with its heady aroma. Exotic fruit trees of myriad hues and shapes towered above the coffee shrubs.

Ridged carambolas with their tart sourness, rounded purple figs, glossy red Barbados cherries and passion fruit grew with abandon.
Preserving the ephemeral spirit of these seasonal gifts became a passion at the Ramapuram household. Fruits from the plantation were lovingly pickled and preserved into jars to last all through the year.
It is this legacy of preservation, of conserving the goodness of nature in bottles that forms the core of The Earth Reserve.

It was, however, the hospitalisation of one of the Ramapuram children that triggered the birth of the brand. Advised to exercise caution over food, it was then that the family realised the importance of their valued and treasured natural homemade wonders. Thus was born the idea of The Earth Reserve.

Cooked over a traditional wood fired stove with locally grown, sustainable produce, we bring to you decadent fresh fruit preserves, jams and pickles completely free of synthetic additives.

Opening an Earth Reserve bottle, one can experience the warm homeliness of Chikkanahalli Estate, Coorg. 

The Earth Reserve has gone on to expand their collection to a range of clean beauty products completely free of SLS, parabens, synthetic fragrances and colours, silicones, phosphates and other harsh synthetic chemicals.

The Earth Reserve will always strive to maintain the purity of their products.

This reverence for the earth has influenced the family’s agricultural practices and perceptions over the decades. It has also influenced in great measure their successful economic and business models - from agriproduce to architecture and hotels.
It has now come to inspire and inhabit the The Earth Reserve project, which intends to use these ideals to create a range of products that celebrate the earth and human well-being.
All the products in the Earth Reserve collection embody this spirit.