Our Inspiration

One of us children of the Ramapuram family had fallen victim to an ailment of the stomach.When recuperating, care was taken to eat wholesome food and food that was homemade. Everything consumed – even jams, preserves and juices were lovingly prepared at home.
It made us muse back to the time when we were little, living in our ancestral home and enjoying the natural nourishment that came from its kitchen gardens. It also made us appreciate, with renewed ardor, the tasty and nourishing home cooked food made by our grandmother, mothers and aunts.
This got us thinking.
What if we could find a way to bring this delectable, unique and inspired home made preparations to the public domain so that everyone may get to enjoy it? …
Foods that used local ingredients, avoided artificial flavors and other chemical additives, were sparked by traditional
recipes and was lovingly prepared by passionate home makers who had the expertise and the imagination for this!
Thus was born the idea of The Earth Reserve.
The name symbolizes sanctity and care, cherishing the pure and the good in nature!
It bespeaks a profound commitment to society and the environment.
The seed of this idea, however, has its origins in the family history. It goes back to two generations of planters in southern India whose life and living came from the earth, which they tended with great care and respect. They saw it as more than a source of their sustenance; they saw it as being the ground that sustained all!
This reverence for the earth has influenced the family’s agricultural practices and perceptions over the decades. It has also influenced in great measure their successful economic and business models - from agriproduce to architecture and hotels.
It has now come to inspire and inhabit the The Earth Reserve project, which intends to use these ideals to create a range of products that celebrate the earth and human well-being.
All the products in the Earth Reserve collection embody this spirit.