Natural Remedies for Boosting the Immune System

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Immunity boosters are all the rage right now, especially in the light of the COVID-19 Pandemic. With new and special tonics and tablets being released every day in the name of immunity boosters, we at The Earth Reserve thought that this would be the right time to stop and look at natural remedies for increasing immunity.  Whatever we can buy, we can also make at home and so here are the top 5 natural warriors to help strengthen your immunity:

1) Black and Yellow – The combination of black pepper and yellow turmeric is often considered to be a healing duo according to the ancient Indian healing science of Ayurveda. These old spices are used extensively in Indian cooking.  

Turmeric contains an active, compound ingredient known curcumin which has anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties. Black pepper is known to be a natural antibiotic and additionally, contains vitamins A&C and also stimulates better digestive functioning.


  • Turmeric and Black Pepper Concoctionor Kashaya – Pepper and turmeric are often combined with other ingredients in concoctions known as Kashayas and are used to prevent and alleviate symptoms of common cold, coughs and fevers.– You can consume it in simpler ways as drinks to boost the immune system. These wonder spices can be consumed as a decoction.

Simply boil a teaspoon of turmeric with 2 cloves, one cut lemon with skin, 1½ inch peeled ginger and some pepper, in a liter of water. Let this boil and simmer till the quantity of water is halved. Have a quarter glass of this kashaya three times a day. 


  • Golden Milk– A half teaspoom of turmeric can be mixed into a glass of warm milk and honey which yields a popular drink known as turmeric milk or ‘golden milk’. Golden milk is even known to improve mood, lower blood sugar levels, prevent heart disease and even possibly reduce the risk of cancer. 
  • Rasam – Turmeric and pepper can also be incorporated together in a host of recipes such as rasams and curries. Regular tamarind rasam can be made with garlic, turmeric and black pepper.
  • Chai – You can also add turmeric to your daily fix of chai or tea, making it more nourishing!

2) Vitamin C from Natural Sources – A natural immunity booster, vitamin C is available in the market as chewable tablets and syrups. However, India is blessed with easy-to-access naturally occurring sources of the same, especially in the form of citrus fruits and vegetables. 

Lemons, oranges, papayas, guava, aamla or indian gooseberries, strawberries, lychees, tomatoes and leafy greens such as palak or spinach are all easily available fruits that are rich in vitamin c. The vitamin contains a form of ascorbic acid which is known for its regenerative properties and even works wonders for your skin and hair. 

  • Warm water and lemon– You’ve probably heard this before – simply combining the juice of half a lemon in a tall glass of warm water and honey to taste, makes for a great immunity-booster food to be consumed ideally in the morning or any time during the day. It’ll give you the boost of Vitamin C you need to keep you going. 
  • Lemon tea– To make your daily caffeine fix a little more wholesome, you can add lemon and mint in your tea to give yourself a soothing and refreshing cup of lemon tea anytime of the day. It’ll instantly refresh you and will also work as a no-hassle immunity booster. 

3) Honey, the Golden Nectar – Honey can be consumed in a variety of immunity-boosting recipes and is almost always found, in some permutation and combination, in most natural remedies. 

Raw honey is a rich antioxidant and is used to heal infections, sore throats and can even be used as an ointment on wounds. 

  • Spiced Spoon of  Honey– Having a tablespoon of raw, warm honey combined with a blend of spices such as pepper, turmeric and other spices such as cinnamon, improves heart health, can help lower blood pressure and helps lower cholesterol levels. This blend is known in retail as ‘hot honey’ and also provides a delectable blend of sweetness and heat. 

4) Veggie Goodness – Spinach, capsicum or bell pepper, broccoli, mint and basil among many others are rich immunity-booster foods, as they, both individually and collectively, increase our body’s ability to ward off infections. 

All these green vegetables are the healthiest when cooked the least and can often be cooked as a quick stir-fry, made into pestos or spreads or even enjoyed raw. 

  • Toss or blend–Try combining vegetables with black pepper, turmeric and other herbs and spices to get a natural remedy for boosting the immune system
  • Smoothie - Simply blend it all into a green smoothie with a pinch of turmeric and some honey or jaggery.  

5) Ginger & Garlic – When it comes to home remedies for increasing immunity, ginger and garlic is used extensively in most Indian and Asian , and while it adds the zing of taste of most recipes, it also flaunts a host of medicinal properties. 

  • A warm salad–Toss up some green vegetables with garlic and bell peppers with some salt and black pepper as a quick, cooked salad. 
  • Adrak Activated!– Add ginger to your daily cup of tea and chai, or add it into the black pepper concoction or

Nature provides us with many ways and remedies to increase our immunity and improve our in-built defence mechanisms. Try these simple home remedies, the benefits are many! If you try any of these home remedies for increasing immunity, please share it the same in the comments below. 


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