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Synthetic Chemicals in your Bath Products Could Ruin your Skin & Hair

Good skin and hair are what people generally hope to have. For this, it is important to know what to and what not to apply on it.

Some love playing with the bubbly foam created by shampoos, and reminiscence about their childhood, how they used to make weird hairstyles and show it to their parents. Many find bath bombs the perfect solution for a relaxing bath. But has anyone ever wondered how these products are actually made?


 ‘Sulfates’ in bath products?

Customers these days are under the misconception that it is the foam and lather, in the bath products, that cleans the body of dirt, sweat and excess oil. One of the most common sulfates used in bath products these days is Sodium Lauryl/Laureth Sulfate (SLS). It is added for purpose of creating foam. SLS is widely used in many personal care products, and very commonly used in many cleaning agents and detergents as well.

Implications of Sulfates, specifically SLS, on the human body

SLS is a synthetic chemical substance that can cause skin irritation, sometimes even in low concentrations. When the concentration of sulfates in a product is high, studies have revealed that it can also cause corrosion of the skin. One might become a victim of dry scalp and hair loss due to this chemical.

What is recommended?

People who are already suffering from hair loss and dry skin and scalp, might want to consider soaps and shampoos without added foaming agents such as sulphates (SLS) and Phosphates.

 What are Parabens?

Parabens are inexpensive, synthetic chemicals used to increase the shelf life of personal hygiene products like face wash, scrub, face mask, shampoo, etc. You might have noticed these ingredients listed on the back label of bath products, ‘propylparaben’, ‘methylparaben’ and ‘butylparaben’.

 Effects of Parabens on the human body

There have been numerous studies that link parabens to cancer. Other studies have proven that parabens present in bath products affect human health.

 Parabens in Bath Bombs and Bubble Baths

After a hard day at work, one might want to relax in a foamy bubble bath with a great fragrance.

The downside to the bath bomb or bubble bath is that the special effects, like the foamy bubbles or the change in colour of the water, occur due to synthetic chemicals added in these products, which also includes, among other chemicals, parabens.

Frequently relaxing, for a long duration, in the bath tub with bath products steeped with synthetic chemicals are not recommended these days, as it is speculated that these could cause cervical cancer.

What is recommended?

Natural and organic products free of sulphates, phosphates and parabens are highly recommended to be used when it comes to health care or personal care products. This rings especially true for people who already have hair fall, dry skin or sensitive skin. It’s better to stay safe and buy natural shampoos, soaps, shower gels and face washes, than regret later.

Products made with ingredients derived naturally are considered better, and are not damaging to the skin and hair when compared to those products that are commercially produced with a host of synthetic chemicals such as sulphates, phosphates and parabens.

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