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Lovilovi & Bird's Eye Chilli - Sweet Pickle

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Lovilovi & Bird's Eye Chilli - Sweet Pickle

Made from Lovilovi plums and Bird’s Eye Chillies that grow wild in the coffee estates of Coorg, The Earth Reserve's Sweet pickle is a must-have for all who love the combination of sweet and spicy. One of the most piquant (hot) chillies and sun dried, cherry sized plums combine to bring you a flavour that is sweet but has a spicy kick.

This all natural pickle with no added chemicals tastes good and provides you a versatile usage; Liven up a burger, serve with a cheese board or cold meats, spice up sausages, serve with rice or curd rice or mix in to mayo. 

Serving Suggestion

1. Pair it with..

This sweet & spicy medley can be paired with just about anything! Liven up a burger, toss into salads, have it with all forms of rice, biryani or rotis, or lend a sweet and spicy kick to a parfait.

2. Topping

Top your cracker with cheese and finish off with a piece of the exotic lovilovi!

3. Appetizer or snack made fancy

Serve it alongside cheese, or fill a tart shell with these halved spicy and sweet lovilovi plums for a fancy appetizer or tea time snack!

4. Add flavour to a dip

Let the sweet & spicy flavour of the Lovilovi plums pickle explode in a dip!

5. Baking chicken

Cut out a small tunnel though the chicken breast, using a long knife, and fill with this sweet and spicy Loilovi plums, and bake like normal.

6. Salad dressing enhanced

The touch of sweetness and spiciness will help add a unique flavour, to your salad dressing, and make it sing!

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