All about the Glycerin Glow!

Most premium products related to body and skin care will often have this one ingredient listed on the label. Glycerin is a colourless, odourless compound that is known to be both anti-microbial and antiviral and is obtained from naturally occurring resources.

This compound has also been approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) for wound and burn treatments as well as cosmetic use. We at the Earth Reserve are committed to bringing natural beauty blends and glycerin-rich skin care products to you.  Let’s explore why glycerin is perfect for you to get your glow on!

The Sweat Effect – Glycerin is a compound that is a humectant which means that it preserves and attracts moisture. When a humectant like glycerin, present in soaps, is exposed to the air, it attracts moisture which forms a thin dew-like layer on the soap. This is why it appears as if your soap is ‘sweating’.

Moisture, not sweat – It may look like it is coming from inside your soap and causing it to melt but actually, it is the environment that determines the amount of ‘sweat’ or ‘wetness’. So simply put, more the humidity, more the sweat because the glycerin has more moisture available to attract.

Sweat is good –This phenomenon actually has multiple benefits. When you use a glycerin-rich soap, it leaves behind a thin layer on your skin which can then absorb more moisture from the air onto your skin as you go through your day. Thus, using a natural glycerin-rich soap works as a prolonged natural moisturizer and protectant long after you use it.

However, while sweat is good, you may want to prevent your soap from sweating in between uses. Ideally, you can dry your soap after use and let it harden at room temperature and then use a plastic wrapper or box and store it in a cool, dry place to prevent extra ‘sweating’.

In extremely humid environments, you can dry it out under a fan and then proceed to store in a box. Under no circumstances should you place the soap in a fridge or freezer.

Au Naturale – All-natural products and soaps which use saponified pure natural glycerin combined with ingredients like honey, lavender and other essential oils may sweat more but it makes it far more beneficial if used daily. Glycerin also acts as a natural preservative of other natural ingredients and extracts.

Youthful Glow – Glycerin, with its property of being able to capture moisture, can also keep the skin firm and reduce the appearance of wrinkles for long periods. It can slow down the skin’s aging process and it can improve the functionality of the skin thus acting as a youth preserver.

For one and all – High-glycerin content with its moisturizing property as a humectant would end up leaving your skin feeling smooth. It is perfect for all skin types and even for sensitive or irritated, acne-prone skin as naturally occurring pure glycerine is known for its healing properties. It does not just relieve conditions, but can also heal your skin and even protect your skin from them.

Research presents that glycerin imitates the skin’s natural moisturizing factor and hence makes it suited to all skin types, for all ages. Replenishing skin’s natural moisturizing factor is pivotal as it often depletes with age, environmental exposure and the use of chemical substances on the skin.

Natural filter – Glycerin is also known to reduce the appearance of wrinkles by helping skin cells mature properly and stimulate the growth of new skin cells that can form the skin’s protective barrier and improve skin function. As an emollient, it can make your skin appear healthier and supple to the touch too!

Water for the skin – Glycerin-rich soaps and products is a natural hydrant and coupled with its anti-microbial properties, it acts as a healing agent for skin conditions and wounds that are born of dry, cracked skin and can even prevent the same in cold weathers.

Glycerin is one of the best base ingredients that is naturally occurring and has a host of benefits. Introduce a glycerin-rich soap into your daily personal care regimen and reap its glow and goodness today!


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