6 interesting ways you can serve the Grape & Sweet Lime Preserve!

We love the fact that preserves, unlike jams and jellies, have actual pieces of fruit you can bite into! Preserves provide a versatile usage. Here we have taken the Artisanal Grape & Sweet Lime Preserve to explore ways in which the preserve can be served.


The sweet & tangy grape & sweet lime preserve can be used to top your delicious pancakes, crepes, waffles or ice creams.


Enhance your simple sandwich from ordinary to extraordinaire with this fruity, all natural preserve! Spread it plain, or over butter or peanut butter!

3.With desserts, cakes or ice creams

Bake the grape and sweet lime medley into cakes or muffins, or serve with dessert or cakes to add flavour, colour and texture. Add it to ice cream for a swirl of flavour!


Perfect for a tea party or as dessert, the delicious preserve can be used to fill tarts, puffs or pastries, or to fill a layered cake. Or add this real fruit jam in a parfait!

5.Healthy option

Add a fruity presence and sweet, fruity flavour in your cereal, oatmeal or porridge instead of refined sugar! Or simply stir it into plain yogurt!

6.Add sweetness to a dip

Add flavour, character and sweetness to dips, by mixing in this real fruit medley!

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