Discover how to help your plants grow and save water with this tip!

Insufficient rains this year, coupled with an unusually warm summer, has made water very precious. But conserving water at any level and time has always been important – regardless of whether there is scarcity of water or not, right?!

Did you ever think you could conserve water when merely steaming or boiling vegetables?

There are two simple steps we could follow.

Firstly, we could rinse and scrub the vegetables (or fruits) in a bowl of water rather than under running water from the tap. Then use this bowl of water to water the plants!

Secondly, after boiling or steaming the vegetables or fruits, don’t pour the excess water down the drain ... Use this nourishing ‘vegetable water’ to nurture your potted plants, and watch them grow!

Every small action can cumulatively make a huge impact! 

If you can think of anything else that we could do to conserve water when dishing up a vegetable or fruit dish, please do let us know!


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