Sustainable Self-Care

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In a modern and rapidly evolving consumer-based world, the self-care industry is booming and valued at over 532 billion dollars in 2019. However, the rapid growth of the industry has caused immense damages to our ecosystem, wildlife, and the planet at large. Considering all the implications, the beauty and personal care industry have begun to deviate, and consumers and retailers alike are adopting more sustainable ways by using natural ingredients, sustainable packaging, and the like.

We at The Earth Reserve are committed to the cause of sustainable beauty with our artisanal, all natural, traditionally inspired, and sourced self-care products. Let us explore the aspects of sustainability in self-care can be achieved for a better and happier world. 


Green beauty

The process trumps the product when it comes to sustainable self-care because consumers are more interested in how environmentally friendly the process of creating the products is. The term is often used to describe environmentally friendly processes, packaging, and practices. Most brands need to source and use natural ingredients generated from renewable raw materials to earn the name of a “green” and “sustainable”

Effective, Ethical Environmentally friendly

Natural ingredients are gentle on the skin, but also extremely effective considering the healing the properties they contain. Glycerine, for example, is a natural derivative of palm oil and is a humectant that naturally enhances the body’s hygroscopic nature enhancing hydration and providing a host of other benefits. Honey, charcoal, aloe vera, and turmeric are some of the other natural ingredients that are used in sustainable self-care brands that have a host of healing properties. What is more, natural brands derive their ingredients in ethical ways in the best interest of the community it is being procured from.



Green and clean self-care may need to be used for a long time to see results, but it ensures that it does not harm your health. The synthetic nature of some petrochemicals can be toxic to humans and the environment alike by causing hormonal imbalances, chronic headaches, eye damage, and some chemicals have also been linked to cancer of type 2 diabetes. Sustainable products ensure that you do not have to worry about causing harm to yourself and instead allows you to focus on your long-term health and care.

How can you be sustainable in your self-care? Adopting a sustainable beauty regime is hard and there are far too many options in the market now so let us look at some key questions to ask while making this shift. 

  1. Is it truly natural? – While big brands are trying to make the shift to being sustainable, words such as green and organic are used repeatedly but you as a consumer should ask yourself if they are truly natural. Consider reading product descriptions and ingredient labels before buying and understand even where it is being sourced from.

  2. What is the philosophy of the company?– Many companies are now conscientious about the effects on the environment and changing their ways, but many others were born because they saw the harm being done and decided to change it. Consider reading up a little about the origin of your brand and what they believe in and such. This will give you a sneak peek into their practices and history. 


  1. Is it holistically sustainable and green?– Using sustainable ingredients is very crucial. However, it is also important to consider whether the company or brand engages in other sustainable practices such as using non-plastic, paper, glass or other alternative packaging, waste management and disposal as well as ethical manufacturing. All these factors, and much more, goes into making a brand truly green and organic. 

At an individual and at a global level, there is a good case for why companies need to adopt sustainable ways and why consumers need to take to natural self-care. Good for the environment, cost-effective, better long-term health are just some of the many reasons why its time to adopt all-natural self-care. So, go on, change out all the products in your beauty regimen and adopt clean and green ones instead. It will only be a matter of time before you see a difference by also making a difference. What are you waiting for?


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