Stewed Banana Jam

Stewed Banana Jam

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Stewed Banana Jam

Take a break from the monotonous flavours of jams and try The Earth Reserve's all natural Stewed Banana Jam - a new taste for breakfast!

Homemade with bananas that grow wild, without pesticides or other chemical sprays, in the plains of Kerala, it has a delicate sweet flavour and a tempered banana flavour which is absolutely tasty and addictive. This simple jam is sure to be a family favorite, as everyone will go bananas for this delectable jam.

It can be served with everything from bread and crackers to waffles, ice cream and crepes, to cake filling and dips and glazes.

Serving Suggestion

1. Baking

Mix it into the batter of cakes, muffins or cookies, or simply layer cake with this deep red jam that would lend its unique flavour and colour to the dessert.

2. Healthy option

Forget refined sugar and sweeten up your bowl of oatmeal, cereal or porridge with this real fruit jam instead! Or enhance the flavour of plain yogurt by stirring in this jam made of real fruits!

3. Topping

This all natural real fruit jam is perfect to top off a nutritious parfait, waffles, ice creams or good old bread or toast.

4. Filling

Fill a tart or crepes with this natural banana jam by pairing it with freshly cut bananas

5. For a dip, sauce or glaze

Let this jam be used to enhance the sweetness and flavour of a dip, glaze or sauce!

6. In ice creams and desserts

If you make your own desserts and ice creams, add it at the last moment for a swirl of flavour.

Stewed Banana Jam
Stewed Banana Jam