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Bird's Eye Chilli in Raw Mango - Sweet & Spicy Pickle

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Bird's Eye Chilli in Raw Mango - Sweet & Spicy Pickle

Have you gotten bored with plain old regular sweet pickles? Try The Earth Reserves's exotic Bird's Eye Chilli in grated raw mango. The chilli, as small as the eye of a bird is one of the most piquant (hot) chillies. The mangoes and the bird’s eye chillies have not been cultivated, but simply grow wild in the coffee estates of Coorg. The mangoes are plucked fresh, when raw, and grated to make this wonder. It is completely natural, grown with no pesticides, and processed naturally with no preservatives, no added flavours, no added colours, or taste enhancers.
For those who enjoy the combination of sweet and spicy, this is it!
The flavours of this pickle can be brought to life with rice preparations and rotis, in salads, in a dip, when baking, spread on bread or crackers.

Serving Suggestion

1. Use conventionally

The sweetness and spicy aftertaste of this pickle, makes it ideal to serve with curd rice, biryani or any rice preparation, rotis or breakfast dishes.

2. Appetizer or dip made fancy

Make fancy an appetizer, by serving it alongside cheese or filling tart shells, or topping a cheese on a cracker, or simply add to a dip or snack to enhance sweetness and give a spicy twist!

3. Chutney

Make  a chutney or enhance the flavour of a chutney with this sweetened and spiced up raw mango, and serve with dosas, idlis, rotis and rice preparations!

4. Pair it with..

Toss it in a salad, or add it to its salad dressing, to create a new, exciting flavour.

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