Organic cloves

Organic cloves

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Buy Organic Cloves free of pesticides and synthetic chemical sprays

Buy Cloves that are not contaminated with synthetic pesticides and harsh chemical sprays, to savour its real flavour and enjoy its benefits. These cloves, harvested in the organic farmlands of North Karnataka, are sun dried. 70-90% of clove contains eugenol, an antioxidant that has high antiseptic and anti inflammatory properties, and which gives it the distinct flavour and taste.

Cloves: Culinary Uses

This versatile spice can be used in both sweet and savoury dishes.
It is used to add flavour to both vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes, in curries, stews and pies.
It is used in biryani and pulauvs, and is an important component in 'garam masala'.

 Organic Cloves Nutritional & Health Benefits

  1. Cloves are known for their health benefits, and the compounds in cloves have several medicinal properties.
  1. It boosts the immune system of the body.
  2. The antibacterial and antiseptic properties of cloves, have made people traditionally use it for  health problems like dental issues, headaches, to fight cancer,  diabetes and microbial infections.
  3. The anti fungal property of cloves fights acne and warts.
  4. Interestingly, this spice may be used as an ant repellent because of the presence of bioactive chemicals in it. Clove oil can be used to repel not only ants, but mosquitoes as well.

Storage Instruction

  • Cloves should be stored in an airtight container.
  • Store in a cool, dry place. It lasts longer when stored in an airtight container. Keep away from direct sunlight and fire.
Organic cloves
Organic cloves